Treasure Hunting at Mexico City’s Lagunilla Market

I wish I hadn’t discovered it so late into my time living in Mexico City. But all the same…the important thing is that I did discover this wonder of a flea market, which has been one of Latin America’s staple trading posts for over 400 years.  Lagunilla Market is a sprawling local market of several blocks north of Mexico City’s centro.  In fact, it is a walkable distance, passing by the famous Garibaldi Market.  Stop for a margarita on the way at the Museum of Tequila and Mezcal, if you choose.

Rooftop of Museo de Tequila y Mezcal, Plaza Garibaldi, Mexico City

On most days, Lagunilla Market sports your typical wares…and is also home to a seemingly endless supply of furniture and home good tiendas.  However, on Sundays, this place comes alive with one of the best antique flea markets I have ever been witness to.  It is truly one of the most special treasures troves in Mexico City.


From unique folk art and rare antique furniture to relics of Nueva España, your sure to find one-of-a-kind items not found anywhere else in the city…maybe even the world.

fullsizeoutput_573cMexico City Lagunilla Market

Take for instance, this small tote made from a whole fish…

Mexico City Lagunilla Market

Another favorite item I enjoyed pursuing were these antique votive paintings.  Traditional Mexican votive paintings, or ex-voto paintings, are small metal panels.  They originated in rural Mexican areas to show devotion to particular Catholic saints.  These panels typically depict an image and a story of a miraculous intervention for which the individual is offering gratitude.  Sometimes these panels can be quite gruesome, other times seemingly mystical.  The saint is depicted in the panel as a saving presence, typically floating somewhere in the sky.

Mexico City Lagunilla Market

It’s a good idea to devote a couple of hours to walking the flea market, which spans several streets.  While you’re wandering you may even be surprised to find some contemporary artists, such as the Lorenzo Family of Guerrero.  Fernando, one of the sons in the family, sells these beautiful folk paintings.  The family has designed and painted these creations for over three generations.  Follow them on Instagram @famartslorenzo.

Mexico City Lagunilla Market

Know that, in full Mexican style, the Lagunilla Sunday Flea Market offers a plethora of street snacks, cervezas, and micheladas to get your Sunday fun-day off to the right start. So, tell me…what’s not to love about this weekly event?!  Want the deets?


What: Mercado Lagunilla Sunday Flea Market

When: Every Sunday 9am to 12pm, maybe later

Where: lote 1, López Rayón 46, Centro, Northeast of Plaza Garibaldi

Nearby Delights in Centro

Here’s a street view of the outskirts of the market, for reference.  It can be easy to get lost in the chaos of Lagunilla Market, particularly on Sundays.  Locals can point you in the right direction!