5 Extraordinary Ways to Spend an Ordinary Day in Mexico City

Living in Mexico City was a dream in so many ways.  I mean, at one point it was a goal (as in follow your dreams), at one point it was a blissful reality (when I was actually living there), and now I wonder, wait is this real life?  Did I really live in Mexico City or did I dream it?  That wondrous life I had to leave just a month ago seems so far away.

But anyways, today let’s focus on the blissful element of that time.  One of the things I endear so much about life in CDMX is that every day was an adventure.  Living life in the moment becomes the only way to live regardless of the day plans, wether it be outing to truly breathtaking sights or simply boarding the metro (not so mundane, when you’re elbowing your way through and leaping over people in hopes that the door closes after, not on, you.).  Plus, the city is just so abundant in diverse experiences.  A normal day tastes sweeter (or possibly saltier in the case of Mexico), smells richer, and feels more intensely there.

Here are 5 glorious ways to spend an average day in Mexico City.

1. Enjoy the sights of smells of ChurrerÍa El Moro.  There a many places to get these piping hot cinnamon sugary fried sticks of dough.  But I’ve tried a few, and this is my favorite.  It’s an enjoyable sight to watch the churros being made fresh in long spirals, then cut special to order.  On a normal day, a couple of churros is a good way to go.  On a special day, spring for the Oaxacan hot chocolate for dipping.  This is the actual opposite of skinny-dipping.  El Moro now has several locations.  For the historical original, head to el centro.  For a modern oasis, the new location off of Parqué Mexico’s got you.


2.  Go arting at Museo Tamayo.  It’s no secret that Mexico City has one of the best selections of museums in the world.  Coming in at a count of over 200, It’s truly incredible and you shouldn’t find yourself bored ever.  My personal favorite was Museo Tamayo.  Much smaller than many of the other art museums, the carefully curated exhibits make it a very special, intimate place.  With a contemporary focus, works from emerging Latin American artists are often showcased.  The room dedicated to works of Rufino Tamayo holds its own special place in my heart.  Plus, the gift shop is a worthwhile visit in itself for its selection of high quality contemporary Mexican designs.

Rufino Tamayo.jpg

3.  Chill in the gardens.  This is popular Parque España near my old apartment.  I love it for its lush greenery and people-watching opportunities, but even more so for my visits with dog friends.  It was always a sight to see more than a dozen dogs off leash lying peacefully on the sidewalk near the well-known dog trainers.  June loved it to, though she never did make it to the training classes.  There are tons of parks around the city.  Many are lovely and serve as a quiet space away from the hustle and bustle.  Sit on a bench and read a book, enjoy some chilied jicama and fresh juice, or relax by one of the many fountains throughout the parks.


4.  Take to the streets. Okay, walking around Mexico City may not be for everyone.  You need an open mind to enjoy it in its raw form.  If you’re into street art, old architecture, and simply off-beat things, you’ll love its vibrancy.  Just have your wits about you and be informed about the neighborhoods you’re walking.



5.  Is it Fri-Yay yet?  More of a week-end option, head over to Legión Americana Bar for a sweaty night on the dance floor.  Don’t bawk…if you’re not sweating, you’re not having a good time.  DJ Frantz Barosy and friends keep things hot with a rotation of nights dedicated to trap, funk, and electronic jamz.  During the week, team up with friends for trivia night.


Good times, good times, good times….keep ’em going.