Doughnut Wars

This has been an exciting week for La Mesa Mariposa as we reached 1,000 followers!  At the same time, I’ve been over indulging in sugary fried dough these last couple of weeks, and I figured this great milestone is definitely an excuse to partake in some more local sweets.

Everyone loves doughnuts, or at least I imagine this is true.  Fortunately for Ashevillians, we have two local shops in particular that sling these hot babies out, each with their own unique take on these weekend breakfast staples.  Read on for details on how VORTEX and HOLE compare and what lovely details will keep you coming back for more.



It goes without saying that I love this place…obviously, or else I wouldn’t be blogging about it.  Seriously though, I frequent Vortex when I’m craving a sweet brekkie or desire a really good coffee.  Vortex has a nice open space and a variety of seating including small tables, bar seating, and picnic tables in the side yard (shared with Catawba Brewing next door and also offering ENO hammocks weather permitting, good for managing your sugar coma afterwards).  This nicely lit space also offers generous hours for a doughnut cafe as they’re open from 7-5 seven days a week.

Vortex usually serves up a good variety of flavors and dough types, including classic and chocolate glazed yeast, cake, and jelly-filleds or unique flavored offerings such as Raspberry-Lime (pictured), Burial Beer Coconut Porter, Lavender, or Maple Bacon.  “The Vortex” cinnamon sugar yeast doughnut topped with French Broad Chocolate drizzle is a regular and a favorite to dip in a freshly brewed mug of 1000 Faces Coffee.  Also try the apple fritters when you get a chance!

Vortex Donut.JPG


HOLE is where we spent our 1K doughnut celebration today.  The first thing that I can say about HOLE is that going there is simply an artisanal experience.  Everything here comes down to a craft, and this little place on Haywood Road is about as quaint as they come.  A small, but open concept shop offers a delightfully designed space to feast with your mouth and your eyes at the same time.  Whether your awaiting your frying doughnuts or enjoying them at the communal bar-top, you will surely find yourself intrigued to watch the doughnut-making process first hand.  No walls or barriers to the kitchen here…everything from flour sifting, kneading, and slinging the dough to frying, picking, and garnishing those beauties is on display and it’s a fantastical sight to see.  There are a couple of tables available outside, or for a truly unique experience, take your dough out and commune inside the adorably decorated HOLE food truck that sits in their lot.


Besides the visual experience, HOLE offers some of the most exciting pieces of dough that have ever hit my taste buds.  HOLE doughnuts pair light, airy and soft textures with an outer crisp that melts in your mouth…order more than you think you will want, because you will definitely want more.  HOLE usually offers a simple, but delectable variety that pair well with coffee, of course, or a wholesome glass of chocolate milk…no pun intended.  Cinnamon Sugar Sesame Seed, Cocoa Dust, and Maple Bourbon Glazed (pictured) were incredible…sharing encouraged!